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Oracle lifts & escalators LLC is the Lift Company in UAE our AMC package protects your life and extends the life of your existing equipment. Regular maintenance by Oracle Elevators includes standard procedures such as lubricating all rotating equipment’s and other moving parts, as well as through checks and adjustments to every aspect of the equipment during each defined maintenance cycle. 

When it comes to elevating the standards of vertical transportation, look no further than the premier lift company in the UAE. Our dedication to excellence in the field of elevators is unmatched, as we specialize in providing top-notch services for installation, maintenance, and repair. With a proven track record of enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of buildings across the UAE, our team of experts is committed to delivering innovative solutions that elevate your experience. Whether you need state-of-the-art elevator systems installed, routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly, or prompt repairs when issues arise, our lift company is your trusted partner. Elevate your expectations and choose us for all your vertical transportation needs in the UAE.

Lift Company in UAE

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We set the standard for advanced maintenance services, ensuring you get the longest lifespan and best performance out of your equipment.

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Our maintenance solutions provide the highest-quality and most reliable service for keeping it running, in compliance and up to the highest safety standards.

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With a large service department, made up of dedicated service engineers, technicians and repair specialists who are on hand 24 hours a day to deliver fast and efficient response times.




Provide a better lift experience that delights instead of frustrate. Eliminate DC Generator noise for smooth and quiet rides and convert a tired old building to have a new modern feel. Elevators works with Non Proprietary Design, Microprocessor based elevator controls, Isolation transformers, geared and gear less hoisting machines, digital drives, door operating motor, updated door equipment, new elevator car aesthetics, safety requirements, new landing and car fixtures, new LED lighting and disabled requirements.


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Our in-house technical department is able to service all types of original equipment manufacturers and major players of the elevator industry.